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The Perfect Wedding

Have you ever thought about what really makes your wedding day perfect? Is it the chairs, the cute chalkboards, the party favors for your guests, the flowers, etc.? I could list many other things. Maybe it’s a mixture of everything. Maybe it’s none of these things.

Wedding planning can be a load of fun and a load of stress. You want everything to be perfect and everything to go just right. I remember when Chris and I got married. The week before our small ceremony, nothing had been done other than buying a few decorations, then I had to fly out to Montana to work for the whole week up to the wedding. While I was gone, my husband-to-be, family and friends got together and decorated everything. I flew in on Friday night, and we got married the next day! Did I have a lot of ideas in my mind of things that could be done? You bet! Did all of those things get done? No. Did I worry about what if this doesn’t look like what I envision in my head? Yes. Did the day go without anything going wrong? No. Did that make my wedding day not “perfect”? Heck no!

Here’s the thing to keep in mind as you plan your wedding. It’s not the “things” and the little details that people attending may or may not notice. What makes your wedding day perfect is it’s the day you are marrying your best friend, surrounded by your family and friends. I would like to encourage you today, if you are stressing over the little details, don’t. If things don’t go exactly as planned, it’s ok. In fact, when you look back on it, you will giggle and think, you know, that may not have went just as we thought it would, but it doesn’t matter. We had a beautiful day committing our lives to each other. That’s the most important detail.

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