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Silk Flowers Make Your Bridal Bouquet Last a Lifetime

As you are preparing for your wedding day, one major component of your attire is your bridal bouquet. Silk flowers isn't something I had thought about or considered for a bouquet until I met Filomena of Filomen's Florals.

Why would you want to consider a silk bouquet? I've listed my top three reasons below.

1. Your possibilities are endless! All types of flowers and colors are available all year around!

2. They last a lifetime! Even after your big day, you can repurpose your bouquet as a keepsake decoration in your home.

3. Done right, they look real and are very cost-effective!

If you're planning out your wedding day, give silk flowers a serious consideration and talk to Filomena! Not only will you have a beautiful bridal bouquet that will last a lifetime, but you will have a new friend for life!

I hope you enjoy these tips! I'll see you next week for another wedding tip!

Making memories magical,

Tracie Jones

Broken J Farm

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