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Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

I had the opportunity to sit down with chat with Kelly Short, the owner of Always the Bridesmaids in Bristol, TN this week to discuss choosing bridesmaids dresses.

Once you have your venue and your wedding dressed picked out, it's time to decide what you would like your bridesmaids to wear. I've listed some tips from Kelly below that can help guide your process:

1. Begin the process of choosing your bridesmaids dresses five to six months before the wedding. It typically takes 8-12 weeks for the dresses to come in, then you need to allow time for alterations.

2. Go to the dress shop with only 1-2 people first to narrow down your dress and color choices. Remember that colors may vary between dress lines.

3. Know the style you are going for: romantic, classic, elegant, contemporary, etc.

3. Mixing colors is a fun thing to do, however keep the style the same. Your style of dress can change if you are using the same color. In fact, some dress designers are making convertible dresses! Each bridesmaid can wear it just a tad different!! How cool is that?!

4. Photos are forever, so don't go "too trendy" and then think in the future "what in the world was I thinking back then?"

5. Black is a great color if you are trying to be cost conscious and want your bridesmaids to purchase dresses they can use again.

6. Have fun! Scheduling a private consult with your bridesmaids is great! They are your clan!

If you are getting ready to start the process of shopping for your bridesmaids dresses, stop by and see Kelly for a private consult at Always the Bridesmaids in Bristol, TN. She has eight lines of dresses with price ranges from $150-$350. Tell her Tracie sent you!

Till next week!

Tracie Jones

Owner - Broken J Farm

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